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5 DVDs - 4 titles of the best and most important information regarding the truth about the Illuminati.  Gift of $35.

Exposing the Illuminati from Within - Bill Schnoebelen

Bill Schnoebelen was a Satanic and Voodoo High Priest, 2nd degree Church of Satan, New Age guru, occultist, channeler, 90th degree Mason, Knight Templar, and a member of the Illuminati. Bill shows how the conspiracy works and how it uses the Lodge and the highest echelons of power and technology from secret “black project” operations to form a world government. It is all newly updated with over an hour and twenty minutes of new information!

Secrets of the Illuminati - Stan Monteith

Dr. Stan Monteith spent over 40 years researching the Illuminati. Stan was one of the world’s leading authorities on Professor Caroll Quigley - President Clinton’s mentor. Dr. Montieth presents all NEW information to help you better understand the world conspiracy. He exposes the truth about the Federal Reserve, “Rhodes Scholar,” Jesuits, Lucas Trust, Masons, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and The Bildebergers and much more. Find out how the secrets of the Illuminati effect you.

The Secrets of Solomon's Key Revealed - Michael Hoggard

Like the fictional character Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code,” Michael Hoggard reveals from the Illuminati the darkest, diabolical secrets in the world. Using the elements of Scripture numerics, Bible Typology, and the prophetic Word of God, Michael Hoggard reveals the Illuminati’s darkest, diabolical secrets.

•  The Meaning Behind the Sacred Design of Washington D.C.
•  How Freemasons Use children to bring in the New World Order.
•  The Hidden Truth Behind the Star of David

Illuminati: Game or Blueprint for World Domination - Stephen Dollins

Stephen Dollins discovered the plans of the Illuminati in a deck of cards! In the early 1990’s, the Secret Service attempted to stop the distribution of a deck of cards called, “Illuminati: New World Order.” One of the cards clearly portrays an airplane hitting the World Trade Centers while another shows the explosion at the Pentagon. Stephen says they may contain the Illuminati’s secret plans for: * Martial Law. * Weapons Confiscation. * Population Reduction. * Controlled Diseases Re-released. * Financial Collapse. *Worthless Currency. * The Two Events Just Prior to the Antichrist...Paralleling Bible Prophecy! This is awesome!