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3 Titles, 4 DVDs!

Endtimes Archaeology/Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Michael takes you into one of the most thrilling archaeological discoveries of modern day Israel. Michael presents the most recent photographs, video footage, and artifacts smuggled out of Saudi Arabia, and displays a grinding stone from Mt. Sinai – which may have been used to grind manna to make bread. He also shows Israeli arrowheads that litter the desert of Midian. The intact remains of the altar to the Golden Calf, “The Rock” at Rephadim, which split in half at the blow of Moses’ staff - and still evidences the erosion caused by millions of gallons of water pouring forth for the nation of Israel. You will also see Har Karkum, one of Israel’s camping locations during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

Noah's Ark Confirms the Bible

  • Recorded Oct 2012: In 1991 Stan and Leslie went on a two week tour with Ron Wyatt to see archaeological evidence to prove: Noah’s Ark; the crossing site of the Red Sea; Jesus’ tomb and many other amazing discoveries. If the existence of Noah’s Ark were a proven fact, it would confirm the accuracy of the Bible. The devil knows it has been found so his only defense is to present decoys; so many in fact, that unless a person has taken the time to investigate the evidence they would write off the genuine from frustration and confusion. For those who would like some real solid evidence to confirm the accuracy of the Bible, you will love this video.

Archaeology Confirms the Bible

  • Stan Johnson shows amazing video footage taken on a two week tour with Ron Wyatt in 1991. See Noah's Ark and its anchor stones; Gomorrah; the rock that Moses struck; giant bones of pre-flood people; Golgotha; and the best talk Stan has seen of Ron explaining how he found the Ark of the Covenant! This video is great to show in churches and homes.