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Joseph Dumond has studied the Jubilee cycles for over 20 years and tells us where the Jubilee cycles say we are in prophecy. He says the Jubilee cycles portray the general chronological order of events for the next 37 years. He is not setting exact dates, but simply a general seven year cycle which portrays: 2010—disease pandemics, 2024—fall of America, 2030—return of the lost tribes to Israel, 2033—tribulation ending, and 2045—the beginning of the Millennium. This is credible and amazing.

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Do you want to hear the truth 2/12/2013
Mr Dumond has truly put together an absolutely must have collection, see the dvd, add to that his book, The Prophesies of Abraham, watch the dvd, read the book, confirm the information in the scriptures and you have a total winning combination..
- annamarie dunienville, INT
Truth Beyond Imagination! 2/3/2013
I have watched this twice and it is amazing and informative beyond what you can imagine. I have learned things that I would have never comprehended on my own. The DVD brings the prophecies of the bible to life while giving you greater understanding of them. I am planning on watching it again, because you just cant absorb everything at one or two viewings. It is an inspired study tool and you must see it to gain knowledge of things to come, where are right now in the Sabbatical Cyles and Jubilees! What an eye opener!
- Bonnie, IL
Absolutely Mind-blowing! The Prophecies of Abraham 3/20/2012
After having watched this video and reading Mr. Dumonds book The Prophecies of Abraham, I can say, without doubt the he has examined Scripture like no other I have ever seen. His insight is amazing. Since the release of this video, his claim that Yahweh operates in patterns and cycles, has been made clear. Comparing what Mr. Dumond says with Scripture, only reiterates what most of us havent really understood until now: Leviticus 26 is here. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You should get the book also. It will blow your mind!
- Vicki B, NC