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Immigration Gift Offer 2017 - 4 DVDs for a gift of $40.

How Illegal Immigration is Destroying America

Major James F. Linzey, U.S. Army Officer, Chaplain and director of Operation Freedom, exposes how the satanic forces in the U.S. Government allows illegal immigration, giving access to terrorists to invade America’s heartland. Find out the myths and lies, as well as how illegal immigration affects the politics, domestic issues, national security, and terrorist ring in the United States.

How World Bankers are Destroying America

Major James Linzey, U.S. Army Officer and Chaplain, describes the following: * How America is being destroyed by World Bankers. * How World Bankers are forming a Global bank to control food, clothing, shelter, water and electricity. * How World Bankers create stock market crashes to force corporations and citizens into debt. * How Americans have become slaves of European bankers.

Planned Population Reduction

The late Dr. Stan Monteith had been speaking on the establishment conspiracy for over 40 years up until his death in 2014. He authored two books and hosted a five-hour radio talk show each day!


•  Vioxx
•  Artificial fertilizers 
•  Pesticides
•  Injections
•  Immunizations
•  Vaccinations 
•  Genetically Altered Seeds 
•  Cell Phones
•  Diet Drinks 
•  Soy Products 
•  Mercury Preservatives 
•  MSG
•  Aspartame 
•  Fluoridated Water 
•  Suppressed Cures 
•  Chemtrails
•  Anthrax 
•  Cancer Treatments 
•  Created Diseases 
•  DDT

The Secrets of the Illuminati

Dr. Stan Monteith spent over 40 years researching the Illuminati. Stan was one of the world’s leading authorities on Professor Caroll Quigley - President Clinton’s mentor. Dr. Montieth presents all NEW information to help you better understand the world conspiracy. He exposes the truth about the Federal Reserve, “Rhodes Scholar,” Jesuits, Lucas Trust, Masons, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and The Bildebergers and much more. Find out how the secrets of the Illuminati effect you.