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Join us as we visit the biblical discoveries including Sodom and Gomorrah with cremated bone, brimstone, ash, gypsuym, and man-made formations near the Dead Sea.

See Noah's Ark National Park with visitor's center, the ark site with man-made metal, petrified wood, and the exact length as mentioned in the Bible.  See the anchor stones which hung from the ark.

The Red Sea Crossing with the 3,000 year old ancient column marking the location.  See chariot parts and people parts on the sea floor at Nuweiba, Egypt.

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia with its blackened and burned peak.  See the large stone altar that hosted the golden calf.  Visit the split rock where water flowed out for the children of Israel.

Hear about the Ark of the Covenant hidden in a cave at Jerusalem near Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, and the incredible evidence that rests on the Mercy Seat.

Bonus Material - Ron Wyatt Presentations:  All the discoveries were found by the late Ron Wyatt who worked on the sites for 22 years, while making over 120 trips overseas to accomplish this work with the Lord.  A series of miracles took place while Mr. Wyatt made the discoveries.  He explains the significance of the discoveries and tells of some interesting experiences.

DVD Run Time: 210 minutes
Fully Illustrated Book: 152 Pages