RUSSIAN GIFT OFFER 2018 - 7 DVDs/Bonus Book

RUSSIAN GIFT OFFER 2018 - 7 DVDs/Bonus Book
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Detailed Description

There is no doubt that the country of Russia is a superpower among the world's nations. 

  • What part does Russia play in Bible Prophecy?
  • Is modern day Russia a factor in the end-times?
  • What is the future between Russia and America.

We have picked 7 of the best DVDs to answer these questions and more.


  • I Saw Submarines Attack America - Henry Gruver
  • The Russian Bear Awakes - Stan Johnson
  • Russia's Secret Weapon to Defeat America - Bill Schnoebelen
  • The Storm: Judgment & Revival - Shane Warren
  • Top Secret Soviet War Plans for America - Jeff Nyquist
  • A Russian Defector's Invasion Warning
  • The Babylonians Are Coming - Pastor Mujahid El Masih

BONUS OFFER: The First 100 orders will also receive Jeff Nyquist's book "Origins of the Fourth World War"