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The Secret Door to Understand Bible Prophecy

by Stan Johnson

In 2017 I memorized the book of Revelation. I was shown a secret door linking the feasts to the prophecies of Revelation.


For the first time the book of Revelation can be put in correct Chronological order. you can understand Bible prophecy.


Miss the Mark

by Stan Johnson

What is the most important information to every beating heart on the globe? Accept Jesus then, Donít take the Mark of the Beast!

Those taking the Mark of the Beast do not get soul-death but are tormented in the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.

How do you tell people? Give them MISS THE MARK.


Godís Warnings to America

Over the last 32 years I have collected the best 101 audible prophecies from

Contributors: Dumitru Duduman, Michael Boldea, Leslie Johnson, Henry Gruver, Shane Warren, Terry Bennett, Maurice Sklar, Augusto Perez, Doug Metzger, Bree Keyton and more.


Tribulation Secrets in Daniel

by Stan Johnson

The Book of Daniel is the most difficult book in the Bible to understand. This book gives the last generation a simple explanation of the parts of Daniel which relate to the Tribulation. Pure and simple it makes Daniel easy to understand. Daniel exposes the plans of An­tichrist. How to spot the Antichrist early and what to do, his physical appearance, the sound of his voice, and how he rises to power. The Beast will be a resurrected Nebuchadnezzar from the bottomless pit. It explains the seven final world governments.

1-20, 10-30, 20-40


How Pretrib Won

by Stan Johnson

The book to finally settle in your heart the rapture question!


  • How the lie Pretrib Beat the truth Postrib
  • Why Pastors Will Not Teach Pretrib
  • 501 (c) 3, board members hire, fire and tell the Preacher what he will and will not preach.
  • The Secret Door
  • What Is Morning Star
  • What Is Wrath of God
  • Eternity Entering Time
  • Who Are the Nations?
  • What Is an Overcomer?
  • Proof of Postrib
  • 25 Pretrib Questions Answered


The first part is a letter to Pastors explaining how I know they are NOT free to preach the truth [Pretrib]

The second part gives them six foundations necessary to understand the scriptures on the rapture.

The third part gives them the scriptures showing a postrib foundation.

The fourth part answers 25 pretrib questions.

In short if a person wants to finally find peace about the rapture this book will give it to them!


Read this then you can defend Postrib.

Give to your pretrib friends.