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1 DVD and 1 Book by Augusto Perez

The End of Times - DVD

God is speaking to Augusto Perez through angel visits, audibly, and has given him 44 Dreams and Visions showing him some amazing things about the future of America and the world. An angel took Augusto to heaven and told him that God was giving him, A Rod to lead people through turbulent times. He is the author of four books and has pastored a Church for over 20 years. He shares many of his messages from God.

  The Great Shaking
The Vision of the Three Stars
The Coming Famine
The Glory Cloud
The Double Portion Outpouring
The Super Devaluation of the Dollar

Smile Jesus Loves You - Book

This is a book that has been in the making for over two years. It took me longer to write than the other books because every time I thought I had included everything there was to tell on a specific subject, the Lord began to bring things to my remembrance that I had totally forgotten about, or perhaps chosen to forget. From the ordeals while trying to leave Cuba, to the dramatic call from God in the bachelor pad in Miami, this book will keep you wanting to read more. Although many of the stories shared in the book "Smile Jesus Loves You" may be shocking to you, they will challenge you and strengthen your faith in Christ to overcome the obstacles in your life, give you hope for tomorrow and help you fulfill your divine destiny. At the end of the book I share some of the visions and dreams that God has given me. Some of them may be hard to believe, but they all came from God.

I share many controversial visions and experiences the Lord has given me, especially one concerning the End of Times. I kept that experience to myself for almost four years, and did not share it with anyone due to its controversial content. Many in the body of Christ cannot handle this type of truth, however I believe the Lord has given me a release to share this information now. If my ministry is ruined because of this, I do not care because my desire is not to build my ministry, but to be a faithful steward of what I was entrusted with. The Lord gave me this message for a reason, and I could not live with myself If I did not release a message that came in such a powerful way. The message had to be released. I would much rather have egg on my face, than blood on my hands. It is always better to obey God. Blessed is he who believes it, for it is for this generation.