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6 of the best testimonies I have ever heard from mighty men and women of God about what they saw in Heaven.
Valued at $180 all for a Heavenly gift of $42

Translations to Heaven - Bree Keyton
I was dead for 1 hr 45 min - Dean Braxton
6 Hours in Heaven - Henry Gruver
The Fourth Beast - Howard Pittman
Prophetic Warnings From God - Rick Madison
Visits to Heaven and Hell - Pastor Mujahid El Masih

Translations to Heaven and  Hell - Bree Keyton
Dr. Keyton has prayer walked in 36 countries and five continents; rescued 47,000 Pygmies and led them to Jesus. She is also the author of eight books and eight DVDs, and has made a Musical CD which got nationwide airplay. She holds two doctorates. Bree tells of over eight examples of when God translated her to heaven. 

• Sword in Heaven and Earth 
• Courtroom of Heaven 
• Jehovah Jireh Room 
• Translated from Israel & Saw America’s Judgment 
• Translated to Peru 
• Translated to Cave 
• Translated to Stuart 
•  Whirlwind

I was dead for 1 hr 45 min - Dean Braxton
If you want to know about heaven and salvation, you want to hear this talk.  Dean died, from what he thought was a kidney problem, and went to heaven.

•  Dead for 1 hour 45 minutes
•  Saw Jesus and the Father
•  Saw that Everything Is Based on Love
•  Everything Is Alive
•  Describes How We Travel
•  Our Relationships with Others
•  Describes our Families
•  What our Glorified Bodies Look Like
•  How We Communicate
•  How We Move

6 Hours in Heaven - Henry Gruver
Over the last 37 years God has directed Henry Gruver to walk and pray for over 250 cities, pulling down strongholds, reclaiming the land for God. God protected him when knives were put to his throat and guns to his head. He was in a car accident in which he was dead for 27 minutes. He was transported through the universe, past the planets and galaxies to Heaven.

Henry walks you across flowers that sing the praises of the Father and a flowing robe that sings the righteousness of the saints. His 27 minutes death experience gives comfort and reassurance to the redeemed of the Lord, especially those with loved ones who have passed away.

The Fourth Beast - Howard Pittman
Howard Pittman had an artery burst in his chest and was dead for 15 minutes. God showed him the pearly gates and how demons possess people. He tells an amazing story of how Lucifer deceives millions into going to Hell at the moment of death. He tells how God rebuked him for being a Pastor of a dead religion. Then God showed him the future of America and gave him a most sobering message to give to the people of Earth. Howard reveals what God showed him about the three great conspiracies and the five-point plan that Lucifer will use to take over the world.

Prophetic Warnings From God - Rick Madison
Rick Madison was brain dead from an automobile accident and in a coma for 27 days. Jesus touched him and said, “Tell everyone I am real, and still perform miracles and I am coming in this generation.” This birthed his healing-prophetic ministry. He has given thousands of personal and national prophecies with 100% accuracy. Rick prophesied both wars with Iraq, the death of Saddam Hussein, events in the EU, two earthquakes, the return of Jews, two seven-year treaties with Israel and 9/11. Future prophecies including a series of terrorist explosions in America, Israel’s victory over Iran, Russia and Islam.

Visits to Heaven and Hell - Pastor Mujahid El Masih
•  One Visit to Heaven
•  His Mansion Being Built
•  Book of Sins Video\Audio Removed
•  The Book of Life
•  Angel With a Scepter
•  Three Visits to Hell
•  Why My Mother Is In Hell
•  I Warned My Brother
•  Constant Torment