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4 books for a gift of $35 - Author: Leslie Johnson

Help Me I'm All Tied Up

This is a must read book for all Christians.  Jesus came to set the captives free. This book will show you the keys to the kingdom of heaven as they are unveiled and revealed.  You will have scriptural references of the evil spirit and the Spirit of God.  This book will answer questions about what binding and loosing is regarding.  It also reveals who the "strong man" is in the scriptures.  You will have a step by step fomula for the prayer of protection.

Crown of Glory - Receiving the Lord's Blessings by Becoming an Overcomer by Leslie Johnson 

This book will teach every individual how to become an overcomer.  Learn what the Word of God says needs to be done to receive the crowns from the Lord; also what needs to be accomplished in our Chrisitan, God-given walk with the Lord. This book answers questions regarding the different crowns mentions in the Bible and what their significance is.  It explains what crowns are available for us now and what crowns we will earn at Christ's appearing.

More than a Ruby

The Lord had Leslie Johnson write this book because the spirit of femininity is rapidly becoming extinct in today’s day and age. The Lord made a woman a beautiful, wonderful, feminine creation. “More Than a Ruby” is the very inner being of Leslie. One of her mandates from God is to bring back that spirit of femininity to the women of God, revealing that it is a glorious place to be. Women will be set free to feel comfortable and assured that it is okay to be a woman.

The Perfect Touch

This book shows you God is speaking to His children all the time.  It answers your questions about what and how God is speaking to this generation.  It shows you what God is doing concerning: miracles, healing, prophecy and intercession.  It is evidence that God uses ordinary Christians to do extraordinary works thourgh the power of God and He can do the same for you! Why should you buy this book?  It's pretty and it has The Perfect Touch. Learn how to hear and recognize the voice of the Lord.