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Dr. Jack Cluney is a ranking authority on Satanism, witchcraft, white supremacy, and other forms of cult and occult activity. He has helped investigators from the FBI, CIA, OSI, Border Patrol, and dozens of Police and Sheriffs organizations across America in occultic related crimes. The average Christian has no idea of the influence of the occult. Find out the truth behind occult practices like “bobbing for apples”, “trick or treat”, “jack o’ lantern”, and more. Learn what the devil is doing and how to defeat him in the Name of Jesus! Also learn street-level spiritual warfare from a man of God who walks it out every day! Understand from real-life experience what our weapons are, what authority we have and how to know we have it!

America's Occult Holidays - Doc Marquis

Doc Marquis was raised in an Illuminati family, trained as an Illuminist, and attained the rank of Master Witch (3rd degree). He has been a Christian since 1979 and has appeared on and consulted for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, ‘The Geraldo Rivera Show’, ‘Hard Copy’, ‘Inside Edition’, and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He reveals how all American Holidays are designed by using an occult numerical pattern originating from the Illuminati. Discover the REAL truth behind the popular holidays of: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, May Day, and other “traditions of man.” Learn the Truth behind occult practices like “Trick or treat”, “May Day” and more.

Occult Holidays Revealed - Stephen Dollins

Stephen Dollins is an ex-Satanist High Priest of the Church of Satan and speaker on the videos: The Occult in Your Living Room, Under the Spell of Harry Potter and Illuminati: Game or Blueprint for World Domination.

Stephen reveals the truth and the true origins behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween, the world’s most celebrated holidays. Topics include: Is Christmas the celebration of the birth of Jesus? Is Easter celebrating the resurrection of Christ? What is the hidden agenda behind Halloween?

The Occult in your Living Room - Stephen Dollins

Stephen Dollins, an ex-Satanist High Priest, exposes the subtle devices used to infiltrate the homes of Christians and non-Christians alike to lure the young and old into the practice of Witchcraft and Satanism. Discover the evil truth behind today’s crazes: movies, video games, and role-playing fantasy games. These devices initiate our children into the world of the occult by making evil appear to be “cute”, such as Teletubbies, Pokemon and various children’s books.

Vampires & Werewolves: Real or Fake?

Bill Schnoebelen was a Voodoo Priest, Wiccan High Priest, 2nd degree member of the Church of Satan, New Age guru, occultist, channeler, 90th degree Mason, Knight Templar, Vampire initiate, and a member of the Illuminati. Due to the increase of media exposure of Vampires and Werewolves made to appear seductive, many people are becoming intrigued with evil. What is wrong needs to be exposed.

• Are Vampires and Werewolves Real? 
• What’s Wrong with Vampires and Werewolves? 
• How Did Bill Get out of Satanism? 
• What Does the Bible Say about This?
•  Dangers for Children and Christians? 
•  What Role-Models Are Created?