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Ken Peters received a dream over 35 years ago the night he was called to be a Prophet. This is the only time he has ever told of this dream ANYWHERE! He lived through the first three and one-half years of the tribulation until he was beheaded with a scimitar sword in a face-up position. He tells what it was like for Christians. Christians were monitored by their TVís that saw and heard them in their own home! He was shown what the Mark of the Beast looks like. What the Antichrist looks like, and how he spreads his message on large building-size screens. Many events in his dream have already come to pass confirming itís accuracy. Out of the 150 speakers, and 300 DVDís we have made in the last 22 years this DVD continues to be a favorite that people continue to watch again for such amazing details of the future. Get this one!

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What year was this filmed? 3/28/2017
Hi, can you please confirm the date this was filmed?
- Tim, INT
Buy it!! 2/22/2015
This video is timeless. Ken Peters is the real deal, I was there for the recording of this and he is a true prophet.
This DVD should be in your library! 1/2/2015
Awesome and Timeless video. I was there for the taping of it. This brother/prophet is the real deal.
This is a good, Brought alot of awnsers to me 1/26/2013
Study the Bible, Pray to God to show you the truth. This video God has showed me what He wants me to believe. One of the best videos ive watched, VEry vivid and he explains alot.
top ten most important videos Ive ever seen in my life 3/16/2012
Most Shocking,, greatest detailed end time understanding... buy it...