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Stephen Dollins, an ex-Satanist High Priest, exposes the subtle devices used to infiltrate the homes of Christians and non-Christians alike to lure the young and old into the practice of Witchcraft and Satanism. Discover the evil truth behind today’s crazes: movies, video games, and role-playing fantasy games. These devices initiate our children into the world of the occult by making evil appear to be “cute”, such as Teletubbies, Pokemon and various children’s books.

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Out of bondage 1/6/2013
I just watched this on YouTube and it is so right on! I want to send it to everyone who has children, shake them and say, Wake up!!! I am an SRA survivor from inside of a christian denomination where Satanic worship had infiltrated. I got into the new age and eastern thought after loosing faith in the Christian God due to what Id been through, in Jesus name. I know the occult realm fairly well and everything this man presents is spot on! The danger to both adults and children is real but especially children due to their age and the fact that they are legally under the elders covering. So do not think that you as a parent, gandparent, auntie or uncle can indulge in any of this stuff and have it not affect your family. What you indulge in, in your closset, will land on your little ones. Read, STUDY, the story of the Israelites, the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy! The satanic realm has studied them and will take every opportunity to accept the invitation your secret indulgence offers, and God will have to let it! Thats where generational curses, sin, diseases, bondage of all kinds comes in. You may think youre getting away with a little Harry Potter fantasy after the kids are asleep but as their legal guardian, you are giving entrance to the enemy of their souls! And he will ignore no opportunity! But if you repent, saying the prayers at the end of the series, and burn with fire all occult items, pleading the Blood of Jesus over your sin, you will break and remove satans rights. God has promissed, if you plead The Blood of Jesus over your little ones daily, mighty angels will be commissioned to protect and keep them. Thank you Prophecy Club for making this available.
A Shulamite