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Two DVDs and One Book - Gift of $35

DVD:Wake Up America - Dumitru Duduman

Dumitru Duduman was sent to warn America. The Angel Gabriel told him, “War in America will start with an internal revolution in America, started by the communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other nations which I cannot remember, will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos and America will burn.” The nuclear missiles will land in California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida.

DVD: America in Prophecy - Stan Johnson

Using 193 biblical scriptures, Stan reveals America in Bible Prophecy. He leaves no doubt, America is in Bible prophecy. Is America the Mystery Babylon? Will America continue to sleep a perpetual sleep and fall deeper into sin until judgment hits or will she wake up? Stan discusses America’s covenant with God, the timing and list of future events. Will America turn against Israel? Will Israel give the Palestinians a State? Is illegal immigration prophesied? Will there be a revival in America? Will persecution, slavery, and debtors prisons come to America? What are the ten signs to watch for just prior to any trouble?

Book: Prophecies of the Fall of America

Perhaps the most important book of prophecy in America. This is a compilation of information regarding the Fall of America. Prophecies of the fall of America includes: Dumitru Duduman’s testimony and all of his dreams and visions. Michael Boldea’s (Dumitru’s Grandson) dreams and visions. Prophetess Leslie Johnson’s dreams and visions, including the audible voice of God.

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Duduman a humble man of God 4/20/2012
Dumitru Duduman was severely persecuted, even tortured for his faith in Romania under Ceausescu, and finally deported the the U.S. God began giving him dreams and visions regarding the U.S. and told him to warn this nation of severe judgments coming if we dont repent. Duduman is a man who paid the price for faithfully serving his Savior and suffered much for doing so. I think that you will find his writings very helpful.
- Rod S., WA